Friday, February 10, 2012

Letter NSN Joan Peters

Do the report on amalgamation

Dear Editor:
There is growing interest in the possible amalgamation of the City and District of North Vancouver. 

City Mayor Darrell Mussatto has said he will not discuss it. An elected official has a responsibility far beyond self interest. In my opinion, the moment Mussatto refused to discuss amalgamation he put himself in serious conflict of interest.

As mayor it is his duty to address this legitimate public concern with an honest, unbiased, all-encompassing public report on all the pros and cons of such a move from the standpoint of both municipalities. 

Only then can we the citizens/taxpayers decide what we believe to be best for our way of life and expectations for our area. 

With open discussions, clear information, publicity, hundreds of questions and answers and much thinking we could be ready by the next civic election, 2014, to put this issue to rest by referendum.

Joan Peters
North Vancouver

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