Thursday, October 3, 2013

Why not include West Van?

The amalgamation of the two North Vans are like cross breeding two similar horses, a couple of spirited Mustangs for instance.  West Van is like a  Gypsy Vanner or Friesian Horse. It's possible to breed them to a normal horse but the upkeep would be extremely expensive.

West Van funds many items like the Blue Bus system and as we can see from the current strike aside from being a provincial responsibility, it brings labour problems of its own. Since the Provincial Law mandates a referendum in each of the municipalities, the Amalgamation Plan of the new city would have to cut the spending on unique items or extent the service to the whole new city.

The point of the amalgamation is unite North Van and to reduce the expensive governments in North Vancouver, not to increase it. It makes the referendum more complex, there are people in North Vancouver who would oppose the inclusion of West Van and vote against it and stop the merger of North Vancouver. Also, if the referendum failed in West Van and passed in both North Vans, the whole exercise would fail. 

We should just fix the problem created by the division of an united North Van. 

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