Tuesday, September 23, 2014

District Councillor Doug MacKay Dunn's machinations

The District of North Vancouver has struck the North Shore Reunification Review Committee in early September.  It is a hurried committee with little information available online.  I don't view it as a real committee but something run out of Councillor Doug MacKay Dunn's pocket.

I have not given this committee much thought.  I did not even apply to be on it as it ignores the official process set by the provincial government and the inclusion of West Van into the process makes it certain that it will never pass a referendum in the City.  Kerry Morris, a anti-amalgamation candidate did and was refused.

The information gathered was supposed to be the foundation for a fall District only referendum but timelines dictated that the Council would have to pass an authorization.  It failed, Councillors voting against it mentioned the inclusion of West Van in a negative manner so it seems that MacKay Dunn's unhealthy fixation killed the referendum.

Good.  Some people worried why Unite wanted to run Council candidates in the District and this is the primary reason.  We will never have amalgamation as long as Doug MacKay Dunn is on District Council.  District voters do us all a favour and don't vote for him and his fixation of merging with the expensive West Van that would increase the North Van taxes.

The list of committee members didn't even have a chair listed but here they are from a 9 Sept press release:
A majority of District members (6)
James Ridge (Former City Manager of the District)
Helen Goodland, Architect (DNV/CNV) -why is she described as both?  She lives where?
Bob Boase, Consultant (DNV)
Greg Lee, Retired President Cap U (DNV)
 Mohammad Afsar, Retired Engineer (DNV)
John Hetherington (Retired Accountant (DNV)

City members (2)
Terri Rear, Project Manager (CNV)
Jeff Murl, Businessman (CNV)

West Van member (1)
James Boyd, Retired Accountant (DWV)

I tried to attend meetings to no avail.   I tried to ask to make a delegation to this committee, again to no avail.  This is a committee subject to all the laws of BC and proceeding rules passed by District Council not just to rubber stamp what Councillor MacKay Dunn has had in his pocket right from the start.

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